Hurter Spies offers a wide range of legal practice areas.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law focuses on the protection of individuals' rights as contained in the constitution.

Estates Practice

Estates practice focuses on the management of a person's assets and finances during their lifetime, as well as the orderly transfer of assets to heirs after their death.

Debt Collection

Debt collections is a critical aspect of law that focuses on collecting outstanding debts.

Equality Court

The Equality Court is concerned with matters of equality law and constitutional rights.


Deeds and conveyances are an important area of ​​practice involved in the transfer of property rights from one party to another.

Delictual Claims

Delictual claims focus on compensation for injured parties who suffer as a result of another party's wrongful act.

Contract Law

Contract law focuses on the rights and obligations of parties in contractual relationships.

Criminal Law

Criminal law focuses on the rights of individuals accused of criminal offences.

Administrative Law

Administrative law focuses on the rights and duties of individuals and organizations within the administrative context of government and other public institutions.

Commercial Law

Commercial law focuses on the rights and obligations of businesses and companies.

Labour Law

Labor law focuses on the regulation of labor relations and protection of the rights of employees and employers.

Family Law

Family law focuses on legal issues related to family relationships and personal matters.


Hurter Spies Incorporated deals with firearms cases.

An outstanding group of legal practitioners

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Experienced Specialists

We have assembled an outstanding group of legal practitioners with talent, creativity and experience to assist our clients with any legal challenge, today and in the future. Hurter Spies simultaneously offers broad spectrum and a wide variety of legal services as well as particular niche expertise in particular fields of the law.


We uphold Justice & Equality

Hurter Spies Incorporated is a legal firm that is grounded in the values of justice, equality before the law and the supremacy of the law. The firm's past work and experience speaks for itself.


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We give each of our clients the certainty that we will approach their legal work with the highest quality of service as they have come to expect of our firm.

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