About The Firm


Hurter Spies Incorporated was founded on 1 April 2008 when Willie Spies (who at the time was a member of Parliament) and Johan Hurter (who at the time was a senior partner at a prominent Pretoria law firm) decide to start a new law firm in Pretoria.

 The firm quickly made strides with a succesful application to the North Gauteng High Court as well as the Constitutional Court in February 2009 to ensure that South Africans overseas are able to vote in national elections.

 In April 2009 Spies was reelected as member of Parliament but shortly afterwards decided to return to full time practice as an attorney with a particular focus on civil rights litigation, with AfriForum as most prominent client.

Since then the firm has acted on behalf of AfriForum, Solidarity and various other NGO’s and think tanks.

Sedert Augustus 2009 tree die firma gereeld en op ‘n deurlopende basis namens AfriForum op in ‘n verskeidenheid burgerregte hofaksies asook ‘n verskeidenheid van ander nie-regerings organisasies.

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Mission

Hurter Spies is founded with three goals in mind:
  1. To assemble an outstanding group of legal practitioners with talent, creativity and experience to assist our clients with any legal challenge, today and in the future;
  2. To build a legal firm that is grounded in the values of justice, equality before the law and the supremacy of the law;
  3. To give each of our clients the certainty that we will approach their legal work with the highest quality of service as they have come to expect of our firm.


Clients do not come to us with easy questions of law, simple cases and straightforward transactions. Clients come to us due to the reputation of excellent service that is delivered promptly.

We are proud to find innovative solutions to complex problems that require us to use our full expertise and experience.