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    Hurter Spies Incorporated, was established on the 1st of April 2008 by Willie Spies (a member of parliament at that stage) and Johan Hurter (a senior partner in a well-known firm, Van Zyl Le Roux & Hurter Attorneys) who decided to start a firm in Pretoria.

    The firm developed quickly, after a successful application to the North Gauteng High Court as well as the Constitutional Court in February 2009, ensuring that every South African citizen had the right to vote in the national elections after they fled out of the country, while retaining their citizenship.

    Spies was re-elected as parliament member but shortly thereafter decided to resign and became a full-time practising attorney with a particular emphasis on civil rights issues with Afriforum as our major client.

    Since August 2009 the firm regularly act on behalf of Afriforum and Solidarity Trade Union in a variety of civil rights issues.

    Some of the successful litigation actions within the firm:

    • Hate speech action against Julius Malema
    • Enforcement of an international court ruling in South African courts, in favour of white farmers in Zimbabwe whose land were alienated
    • Constant actions fighting for the Pretoria name and the historical street names
    • Review of a corrupt contract of the Tshwane Metropolitan Council for the provision of pre-paid electricity meters
    • Continuous actions on behalf of taxpayers against dysfunctional municipalities.
    In August 2014, Werner Human and Tertius Kruger joined the firm as directors and is being assisted by an attorney Louis Taljard.